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Michael Rice

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Everything the Internet Knows About Legal Engineering - A Bibliography So Far

29 August, 2018

There isn’t much written about legal engineering yet. The following is what the internet has said so far with my thoughts sprinkled into it…

"Want to solve the problems computer science is creating in the world?"

25 August, 2018

I advocate that the industry should consider including the legal engineering role in some development teams. A recent tweet crossed my feed…

The Legal Engineer's Core Teamwork Skills

10 August, 2018

On Monday I was writing about my trip to Oregon. I didn’t mention much about what happened on the ground (can’t) but I can summarize by…

Where are the lawyers?

06 August, 2018

I’m at an undisclosed airport in the Pacific Northwest as I write this. Was working with an organization that deals with lots and lots of…

Hope you're having a great weekend

05 August, 2018

Hey Legal Engineers, It’s Sunday morning as I write this. Hope you’re having an awesome weekend like I am. I’ve been hard at work this…

Hello World

04 August, 2018

Hello, world. Stay tuned for more!